80% – 85% Shade Net

80% – 85% Shade Net

80% – 85% Shade Net

Product Description

Material:100% virgin HDPE, mix HDPE, recycle HDPE.

Sun shade rate:40-95%

Feature:Wear-resisting, Corrosion-resisting, Fine toughness, Long lasting time.



Color:Green, black, white, red, yellow, orange, or customized.

HDPE Agriculture Shading Net is strong and durable. lt provides protection from sun and reduction of heat. It is suitable for plants that do not require a lot of sunshine and helps prevent great damage on flowers and branches from heavy rain. Its life-longevity also makes it suitable for other kinds of work such as mushroom farms, chicken farms, parking lots, greenhouses, , shrimp farms, fisheries, other areas of the house that may need shading.

Shade Netting For Vegetables

Sunlight is the main energy source for growing plants, and most vegetables grow best with at least 7 hours of direct sun each day. But in midsummer, when days are long and warm, a string of sunny days can put plants under stress that can be partially alleviated with shade. Shade covers also slow evaporation of soil moisture, reduce heat build-up in ripening fruits, and cool the plant canopy by 4 to 5 degrees.

Shade covers for vegetables are easy to make using cloth or fabric row cover, or you can use knitted mesh fabrics made for use as shade cloth. Their advantage over many other materials is hail resistance, which is no small matter in late summer. Shopping for shade cloth can get confusing, because you will need to choose between products with varying levels of light transmission. There is a clear answer: the sweet spot for shade covers for vegetables is about 30 percent reduction in light.

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shade net prices

shade net prices are determined according to the weaving frequency of the shading net to be purchased, strip and eyelet intervals. We offer you the best quality shade net. To purchase, you can reach us from the contact section.

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