What is insect net made of?

What is insect net made of?

Anti Insect Net

Anti insect net provides protection from range of insects that can be harmful. This preventive method reduces the cost of pesticides to grow organic and natural cultivation.

Material: 100% pure HDPE
UV: 5%
Color: White
Weight: 100g/m2 or as per demand
Mesh: 50×25 or as per demand
Width: as per demand
Length: as per demand

What is insect net made of?


The insect net is made of HDPE. This is a high-density polyethylene. The net is also resistant to UV radiation due to additives added to give it a desirable KLY rating. Standard width of the insect nets are 1.0 – 1.5 -2.0-, 3.0-, 3.5 -4.0 meters.

What is the use of insect net?

Insect-proof nets provide an ecological and effective approach to control the infection and transfer of plant diseases and insect pests 

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