Sun Shade Net 85%

Sun Shade Net 85%

Sun Shade Net 85% | UV & Wind Break Protection

Sun Shade Net 85% is a versatile, high density polyethylene knitted net. It protects trees, shrubs and plants from harsh winds, as well as small sports grounds such as tennis courts. It increases shade by 85%whilst also being excellent for providing privacy in gardens, terraces and balconies.

Made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) it’s hard to tear or rip. This reduces the need to replace it, or of the net getting damaged. The hem of the net features strong stitched eyelets for easy attachment to fences using clips or ties. As well as providing excellent protection from harmful UV rays, Shade Netting also serves as a great privacy screen. Create seclusion in outdoor areas like balconies, decking & terraces or around garden perimeters such as fencing & trellises.

Shade Net is also useful as a cover for falling debris. It’s great for use on building sites and to provide safety on scaffolding.

What İs Shade Net?

Shade value ranges are between 15 % and 95 %. The knitting types are tape tape, tape plus mono, mono mono. Long durable; more than 5 years

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